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Leighton's Live-Stream

Live-streamed on Saturday, 5 December at 12pm, St Andrew's Anglican Church in Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia.

This Live-Stream project was graciously supported by the City of Subiaco.


Viol Duo Repertoire

'John the Baptist' (in Gaelic), a Celtic tune;

'Prima Ricecare' from Book Two by Ortiz (1553); and

'Canonic Duet for Two' by Telemann.

Broken Consort with Choir (SATB) of Sir William Leighton's Teares or Lamentations of a Sorrowful Soul (1614), Book 2:

#19 'Look Down, O Lord, On Me Poor Man' by William Byrd;

#21 'O Lord, Give Ear to My Complaint' by Thomas Lupo;

#23 'O God That No Time Dost Despise' by Martin Peerson;

#24 'O Lord How Do My Woes Increase' by Orlando Gibbons;

#25 'Most Mighty and All-Knowing Lord' by Thomas Weelkes; and

#26 'O Let Me Tread in The Right Path' by John Ward.

Prayer (Poem) 'A prayer in extreame sicknes' from the original book of verse 'The teares or lamentations of a sorrowfull soule. Set foorth by Sir William Leighton Knight, one of his Maiesties honorable band of pentioners' (a year before he republished with the verse set to music in 1614).

Broken Consort:

Andrew Tait, Bass Viol

Christina Rogerson, Tenor Viol

Hannah Herriman, Alto Viol

Krista Low, Treble Viol

Craig Lake, Lute


Patricia Alessi, Soprano

Kristen Sibley, Soprano

Gabrielle Scheggia, Alto

Stephanie Thyer, Alto

Alex Wheeler, Tenor

Ry Charleson, Tenor

Rowan Swarbrick, Bass

Jonathan Paxman, Bass

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