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Arts consultancy

we know art

Curate is comprised of nationally- and internationally- recognised artists, with two such renowned artists at its helm!

From visual arts to installations to musical endeavours, we have you covered.
We regularly work within the public and private sectors, and we understand that each client possesses unique goals and outcomes from their arts engagement.

We are WALGA preferred suppliers, and we are tourism consultants, too. Thus, we possess the expertise and experience required to make your project a success!

Plus, Curate itself is diverse.
If you are seeking ways to engage with the true breadth of the industry, we can help.

Image by Klaudia Piaskowska

let's 'art' together

We love our industry, and it brings us even greater joy to bring art to others.

With our arts consultancy, we bring arts and culture home - whether you are looking to start your own collection, find a worthy cause to support, are seeking to engage your community or want assistance with running your own pop-up festival, we want to help.


Curate's philosophy is to create art that moves your emotions. And if it doesn't accomplish this aim, then we just don't do it.


If this sounds like a great approach to you too, get in touch.

We can 'art' together.

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